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Wind Waker 2 - by TeenLink

   Many of you have heard about the new Wind Waker game coming out yes? Well it sounds really cool and I think its a good idea to make a sequel. I actually want them to keep the graphics to make it look more sequel-like. But this is where the big question pops in. Where will the game take place, Land or Sea?
In my opinion I found the sea to be quite a bother since it took so long to get to your destination but without the sea, what use would be the wind controlling powers? Without them then it wouldn't be a Wind Waker sequel pretty much(unless it just takes place afterward with the same Link). Still maybe a little water in the game would be nice. In my opinion it should take place out of Hyrule in a whole new land with whole new faces and villians as many Zelda games have done in the past. But I would prefer land of water though.