Ocarina of Time vs. Majora's Mask - by The Night Shadow

Toughie, toughie.... they're both really, really good. Ocarina of Time was way easier (don't you agree?) yet.... ever notice how you know more names of people in Majora's Mask than its prequel, Ocarina of Time? Like, you only know the names of what? Two Gorons in OoT? And all of the Gorons look the same (except Darunia, of course). Meanwhile, there's a baby Goron, an old woman Goron, and Darmani, who all look different. And, of course, there's the Deku King, the Deku Princess, and the Deku guards, plus lily pads, Dexihands, Skullfish (god those are freaking annoying), and of all things.... Bio Deku Babas. Weird things.... There's also the Zora band members (now just who is the guy/gal on the piano?), the Pictograph Box, the giganto turtle with exactly two palm trees on its back, the high-pitched screams of the Gerudo Pirates (pity they're back in this game too, scythe-guards and all), and, last but definitely NOT least..... Koume and Kotake, they have come back. It plays their theme in the Swamp Potion Shop place, y'know, the place in the swamp that looks oddly like a red jug? Hah. Yet in OoT.... I suppose you could say that the main purpose is just to beat the dungeons. Hence, there are nine, while in MM you have more.... shall we say, relations with people? I think, actually, that you spend MORE time OUTSIDE of a dungeon than you do in one. 'Cuz there IS a whole lotta stuff you're supposed to do, as in get all 20 masks (freaking hard), get your horse (fun!), get massive amounts of Rupees (less plentiful here), and talk to other people.... kind of boring, but required. :| The four dungeons of MM are short too, shorter than I thought. Um... y'know what? I like 'em both. OoT 'cuz it's easier (waaaaaay), and Majora's Mask because... there's a lot more stuff here. In Termina. Now, if I could just get past Wart.....