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My Favourite Zelda Game - by Blind Reaper

The Wind Waker is my favorite game mainly because it reveals most of the zelda story. The fact that the graphics weren't the best of what we've been seeing these days didn't really bother me much 'cause as long as you can play the game, have fun, know what the objects are what they look like then you're ok. The gameplay was top knotch. Even though I beat it twice already I'm still going to borrow the game again from a friend just so i can re-live the memories of this wonderful Zelda game.
The only thing I dont really like about this game is that you have to do a lot of backtracking, which takes up alot of your time, and some parts can get to be pretty confusing. The final battle with Gannon is the best. Although he does look like a fat preist, he is fun to fight, and pretty challenging too. I used half an elixer soup and two fairies on that fight, but it was worth the while and the time I guess. I did think though that puppet Gannon was a little harder than the actual Gannon him self, probably only because it takes longer to beat him. The ending was incredible (no im not going to tell you), though it was rather long, yet it must have been the best ending I think I've ever seen on any Zelda game, and is a must see for any Zelda fan. That is why I like Wind Waker the most.