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Soul Calibur 2 or Smash Brothers - by TeenLink

I dont think if anyone has ever put this into consideration, but what do you think is the best fighting game featuring Link, Soul Calibur 2 or Super Smash Brothers Melee? Well Soul Calibur may use the classic fighter style whereas SSBM uses a whole new one featuring damage percentage and involves getting them off the ledge. But which one is better? This is quite a tough decision. I borrowed Soul Calibur 2 from one of my friend and I have to say, I'm impressed. In extra mode you get to choose from different weapons. Link has weapons such as the Biggoron Sword, The Great Fairy Sword, The Mirror Shield, The Magic Sword, The Razor Sword, The Cane of Bynra, even the Bug Catching Net. It also features great graphics and a variety of different moves such as the boomerang, bombs and arrows. You can even do the sword spin technique. But Super Smash Brothers has the same kind of moves. Super Smash Brothers can be more addicting though for you get to win more different characters and trophies. But still the question still remains. Which one is better. To this day I cannot decide for they are both great games.