Link? That's Not Link - by Yattaro

Consider this: new people to the Zelda series started and got used to the new type of Link (Wind Waker style) or older players got used to the regular styles. After getting used to it, they look at the different kind of Link and are disgusted, resulting in them not wanting to play the game anymore. Man, this has happened to a lot of people I know. (lol, everyone who liked Zelda I knew actually) Personally, I don't really care how he looks and stuff. Other people don't other.. but for those who doooo... they are all about what link looks like. When they came out with the new Link design, a lot of people who were used to the older one stopped playing for whatever reason. Anyway, if they kept a generic style this wouldn't have happened. With the new Twilight zelda coming out and people used to seeing the new style, it may feel awkward, don't you think so?

Well, others might not think this way but I think a generic style should be made. Just an idea… :P