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Twilight Princess for GCN and Wii - by Hyrule_Knight

At a recent E3 conference, Nintendo released that the highly anticipated Twilight Princess game will be released on both the Nintendo Wii (formerly Revolution) And the Nintendo Gamecube. This announcement shocked more that just a few people as they wondered how the Gamecube would react to the enhanced graphics and the game's use of the Wii controller, and how the Wii version would differ from the Gamecube version due to the Wii controller (dubbed the Wii-mote). These were questions on everbody's mind and, as always, Nintendo didn't fail to deliver the answers.
First off, Nintendo reassured that Twilight Princess for Wii AND for Gamecube would both be the exact same game, with a few minor setbacks for each. Such include:

For Wii:
-Having to get used to the Wii controller
-Having to purchase the Wii then pay the price for the Wii version of the game.
For Gamecube:
-Won't be able to access the unique aiming or interactivity the Wii-mote offers.
-The larger amount of memory stored on the Gamecube disk might cause the game to lagg in some places.

Nintendo then reassured that, despite the minor differences in gameplay, both versions of the game will follow the same storyline, and contain the same elements of gameplay.
With all this brought out into the open, it's up to you, the consumer, to decide which is better for YOU: Breaking out your wallet and playing the game on the most uniquly advanced system on the planet or, Busting a move old-school like on your Nintendo Gamecube. It's your choice!