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Moral of Majora's Mask - by Jason

As we see in Majora's Mask, Skullkid had obviously strayed away from Kokiri Forst, let alone Hyrule. He ended up in Termina and was found taking refuge in a hollow log by two fairies, Tatl and Tael (who happened to be siblings). They had become fast friends, joking around and playing eachother in the strange field of Termina. One day, a man came into Termina Field with a big sack on his back. He fell asleep in the field and while he was sleeping, the Skullkid rummaged through his bag and picked up the Majora's Mask. He wore it and was overwhelmed with power that he couldn't control. Usually, his pranks were harmless. But if you add the Majora's Mask, it equals harmful and dangerous pranks.
Now Link, on a mission to find his fairie friend Navi, rode to Termina on Epona, his horse companion. The Skullkid came upon Link while Link was asleep, went through his bag (or sack, or however Link stores his inventory) and stole the Ocarina of Time (Skullkid sure does have a taste for power, doesn't he?), as well as Epona. He then turns Link into a Deku Scrub. Tatl, who gets left behind when Skullkid leaves, apologizes and informs him that she just wants her brother. A while later, he finds he is in a tower, and meets a man who tells him of a strange imp who stole his mask. He tells link that if he doesn't get the mask back within 72 hours, something terrible will happen. Link then begins his quest. 72 hours later, he meets Skullkid at the top of the Clock Tower, where he first started his journey. Tael is with him who says, "Swamp. Mountain. Ocean. Canyon. Hurry, the four who are there, bring them here." The Skullkid is enraged that Tael told Link how to stop him, but quickly calms down upon realizing that he can't be stopped. Link steals his Ocarina back and plays the Song of Time before Skullkid can make the moon fall, which transports him and Tatl back 72 hours earlier to the Clock Tower. The Happy Mask Salesman turns Link back into a human and is upset to learn that he hasn't retrieved the Majora's Mask. He tells Link the legend behind the mask. Link then remembers what Tael said about the four in the swamp, mountain, ocean, and canyon. He then heads to the swamp, and defeats the first Deity at Woodfall Temple. A giant creature stands and teaches him the Oath to Order. He defeats the Deities in order and awakens the giants. After the final giant is awake, he says, "Forgive your friend." When he meets Skullkid atop the Clock Tower, he plays the Oath to Order, and the giants come and stop the moon from falling. Link is transported to a valley on the moon, and finds four moon children. He plays hide and seek with them, and then finds a fifth child wearing Majora's Mask. He says he will play with Link. The final battle then begins. After Majora's Mask is defeated, everything returns to normal. You meet Skullkid and find that he felt rejected, which angered him. You also find that you taught him Saria's Song and gave him the Skull Mask in Hyrule before you defeated Ganon. The ending screen shows a picture of him, Link, Tatl, and Tael. The giants had been of importance to the moral. They said to forgive Skullkid. Tatl didn't listen and thought that he didn't deserve forgiveness. If they had forgiven him, though, it is most likely that Skullkid could've undone all the havoc he had wreaked upon Termina.

Moral: If you forgive your friends, even if what they did seems too horrible to be forgiven, the moon will probably not fall on your town.