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Stupid nOObs - by Jason

A bunch of people who think like nOObs on Zelda Universe have come up with a theory that Ganon = Link and/or Link's Shadow. How did they come up with this, exactly? One user was playing Wind Waker (final battle) and noticed that the design on the back Ganondorf's robes was the same as Midna's mask/headdress. Once in a while, you'll see a trailer for Twilight Princess when Link (in his natural form) will be walking toward something, and his shadow will turn into Midna, who will explain something to you (kind of like Navi, Tatl, Ezlo, etc). Therefore Midna = Link's Shadow (unless otherwise told by Nintendo). They think that since Ganondorf has the same design as Midna, Ganondorf/Ganon = Midna and since Midna = Link's Shadow, Ganondorf/Ganon = Link's Shadow, which is the dark side of Link. Let me explain why this couldn't be true.
If Ganon = Link, he would have a direct connection to Link. If Linke always defeats Ganon, why wouldn't he just surprise him when vulnerable to attack? Since Link is always the only thing between him and his victory of Hyrule, it would be the perfect way to finally defeat Link and take over Hyrule. Yet he never does. Hence, Ganon could not be Link's Shadow, or Link would have been dead when Ganon first tried to take over Hyrule, and he would have succeeded. Stupid nOObs...