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Creating Your Own Zelda Website (From Scratch) - by Dylan

First off this is my first article for any of my sites, so if it isn't that great, well you know why. Getting right off the bat, to own a Zelda site is no walk in the park, here are a few requirements you must meet.

  1. Gotta be a Friendly Person (if you want affiliates)
  2. Gotta know the games (must have beatin at least the main stream games)

That really is just to write the content, well lets explain. You gotta be friendly so people will want to affiliate with you, if you are an arse, then no one is gonna want to give you there visitors because visitors need a friendly webmaster.

You gotta know the games. Well of course, its a Zelda site, you have to have beatin' the main stream games (LOZ, AOL, ALTTP, OOT, MM, ect.) and you have to know them well. When i first started Zelda 383 back in 2001 I had just beatin Majora's Mask, and I decided I wanted to run my own site, so I replayed all the games, and wrote content before I even though about making a layout. Which leads me to my next requirements.

  1. Gotta have an Image Editing Program
  2. Gotta know how to code

You gotta have an image editing program (such as Paint, GimpShop, PhotoShop, ect.) in order to run a Zelda site, these day, you gotta have a nice looking layout to fit the visitors needs take Exploding Deku Nut, they get hits, one reason is because they have beautiful layouts, and people love layouts that look good, now, I am not saying you gotta be able to make a layout like that, you could use paint and make a good layout (i think i will write a tutorial for making layouts in paint), you just gotta know how.

You gotta know how to code. You must know at least HTML to own a site, because sites made with page builders, do not look good, I think all of us sites that have been around for awhile started off using a page builder, but take it from me, no one wants a site that is made in a page builder, so learn HTML, you can learn it here.

I hope i have helped you make a decision on if you want a Zelda site or not, if you still wish to have one, for a free host try Tripod. For a paid host try P42Hosting.

/ - Dylan