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Moral of OoT - by Jason

As we see in Ocarina of Time, Princess Zelda had strong feelings that Ganondorf did not mean true alliance with Hyrule, even before Link came into the picture. Shortly before Link showed up, she had a dream that a source of heroicy would come out of the forest, destroying the evil. Then Link defeated Queen Gohma and obtained the Kokiri Emerald, otherwise know as the Spiritual Stone of the Forest. He ventured out of Kokiri Forest and traveled to Hyrule Castle, where he met Princess Zelda. Zelda the convinced Link to go on a quest to find the other Spiritual Stones and open the Door of Time, getting to the Triforce and Sacred Realm before Ganondorf. But this was her mistake, and Hyrule's undoing. Had Link not found the other Spiritual Stones, the Door of Time would've never been led to the Triforce and Sacred Realm. The only reason Hyrule was saved was because the Triforce shattered and Courage and Wisdom went to Link and Princess Zelda, while Power stayed with Ganondorf. Ganondorf did not obtain all three parts. If he did, Hyrule probably would have been doomed from the start. After defeating Ganon, Zelda confronted him about her mistake. If Zelda hadn't sent Link to find the other stones, Ganondorf would've been halted in his path for evil, and hundreds would never have suffered. It was then that Zelda sent Link back to before they had met so all evil could be undone and never would reign.

Moral: Jumping to conclusions could lead to Ganon taking over your country.
Or: Don't listen to rich chicks with lousy conspiracy theories. (hehe)