Rumors upon Rumors - by Hyrule_knight

I have recently been searching the web for a rumor that has tickled me pink since the first moment I heard of it. A rumor that, from the second it reached my ears, I have laughed. This rumor is, of course, that of finding the Triforce in Ocarina of Time.

My first thought on this is: why would the Triforce be accessible in this Legend of Zelda title and not any of the others? I mean, you would expect that the Triforce, if accessible, would be found in the first Zelda title to ever have been released? After all, the Timeline Theory is only a speculation.

Second of all, what steps must be taken to recieve these shiny pieces of gold? People have hunted ALL the Gold Skulltulas, blown up ALL the Gossip Stones, collected ALL the items, beaten ALL the side quests, etc...and still, they remain without satisfaction.

My third and final shred of proof as to the hilarious hopes of obtaining the Triforce in Ocarina of Time rests in the game's story itself: The story itself states that each of the pieces of the Triforce lies in a different person. Wisdom lies in Zelda, Power lies in Ganon and Courage lies in the hero of the story, Link. How would one obtain the mystical Triforce itself when the pieces reside in different people? Link would have to kill the other two holders, then somehow manage to harm himself in a way the Triforce of Courage would want out of his battered body.

So, there you have it: Three ultimate shreds of proof as to why the Triforce is not accessible for anyone to obtain in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. To those who have given up long ago in realization of these facts: Congradulations for re-joining reality. To those who still continue to waste countless hours hovering over their televisions in desperation of finding the three golden triangles, all I have to say is: prepare for disapointment.

Until next time,