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Four Swords GC (Good or Bad Idea) - by TeenLink

I have read a lot of stuff on the Four Swords for the Gamecube and it left me wondering quite a bit. It was already released on the GBA so whatís the point of putting it on the Gamecube? The graphics may be different (the GC one uses A Link to the Past graphics) but what about the gameplay? Is this game longer than the GBA installment? I own the GBA one but never had anyone to play with (no one I know owns it) so I donít know much about the game. But lets see if the GC version is a good idea.

The bad part of this game is that you need a Gamecube and Gameboy Advance. You switch between the Gameboy and the TV screen so that may get pretty annoying. But from what I see from the screenshots that it has different places to explore. And a good part is that you only need one Gamecube diskette rather than 4 Gameboy Cartridges. So in a way this game is a pretty good idea for people who'd rather play it on the Gamecube with any of their friends who own a GBA rather than having to search with people who own the cartridge version.