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Concerning the Light Temple - by The Night Shadow

Righty then. We all know there is no such dungeon as the Light Temple. There is a Light Temple, we just don't play it. The Temple of Time comes pretty close, since the symbol on the warp tile thing is the symbol of the Light Temple. This might be why the Prelude of Light isn't called the Prelude of Time instead. Well, the Temple of Time already has a song (Song of Time), so.... it kind of makes sense. But back to the point. Why, exactly, is there no Light Temple? I think all of us Zelda fans would like to see an extra dungeon, right? It may have something to do with a brain freeze, or lack of imagination, or laziness (j/k) at Nintendo. Or perhaps there needed to be at least one awakened Sage to guide Link. Ah, that's probably it. This random thought is brought to you by (drum roll please): Boredom!