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Zelda RPG Trilogy - by TeenLink

By reading the title of this article you may get the wrong idea and think that Nintendo is developing a Zelda RPG. Its not Nintendo doing this, its actually yours truly. I downloaded this program off the net and started to make my own rpgs. You can get it here. I have come up with several of my own ideas but since Zelda is the best series of games on the planet, I decided to create my own adventures. More on the RPG at my site here.

The first game takes place after the Oracle games. Link goes back to the Kokiri Forest for a little bit of R&R but is soon disrupted when Zelda uses her telepathic communication to tell him that Ganon is back and is after the Triforce. Link has to get to the Temple of the Triforce ASAP and beat Ganon there. But when he arrives, Ganon is already trying to snatch the Triforce. With quick thinking Link uses his Boomerang to divert Ganons attention away from the Triforce. It works but the Triforce ends up breaking apart and each piece creates its own world which it takes shelter. Link must go into the worlds of Courage, Power, and Wisdom and destroy the evil within the worlds to free the Triforce and take down Ganon himself.

The second game takes right after the first. A storm takes place within the Kokiri Forest for the first time in history, which makes Link suspicious. This storm can't be a natural thing. Something must be causing it to happen. Link and Saria go in the Lost Woods to investigate and hear strange music. The soon find a Skull Kid playing an instrument known as the Shieka Flute. It is a legendary magical flute that causes the users desires to happen just with a single tune. But since the Skull Kid is inexperienced, he can't do a whole lot with the power. The reason he caused the storm is to flood all of Hyrule until the surrendered to his will. But Link chases him 100 years into the past where the Link must protect Zelda's ancestors from being destroyed by the Skull Kid. If they are destroyed, the family bloodline will end and the Skull Kid will be free to take over. But how can Link protect the Royal Family if he is a wanted man?

The third and final installment is two years after the second installment. Link is becoming a young man and decides to move out of the forest to the Kakoriko Village. Then Ganon is finally able to break out of the Dark World and wreak havoc in the light world. Link tries to defeat Ganon but ends up being defeated. Then Ganon raises an army to try to take over Hyrule. But Hyrule assemble and army of their own and Zelda puts Link in charge of it. Together, Link and Hyrules armed forces must take down Ganon and his army of darkness. For good.