Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker? - by TeenLink

   I have been arguing with my friends for a while now about the greatest Zelda game of all time. Some of them said Wind Waker and some of them said Ocarina. Almost all of the kids that said Wind Waker were new to Zelda and think of Ocarina as an outdated game with cheap ass graphics. Well if you played it 5 years ago you would have different thoughts about it. I used to think that the N64 graphics were really good. It wasn't until the Gamecube came out that I started to think of them as outdated and gay. But I first played Ocarina of Time way before the Gamecube came out and I really liked it. Now I have played Wind Waker and think of it as an awesome game too. So which one do I like better?
   Well to tell the truth, Wind Waker is a great game and all, but still I like Ocarina of Time the best. It has a better story in my opinion and is just all around a better game. Other things I like about Ocarina of Time is the going back and forth through time. And Ganon is a really fun boss in that game. I think it also has a better ending than Wind Waker (I will not spoil anything). And well, I like the Ocarina of Time graphics better than Wind Waker. I really wish they had polished up the graphics when they put it on Gamecube so it looked like a Gamecube game. And that right there is my opinion.