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Who Are The Shiekah? - by The Night Shadow

Well, exactly who are they? The most I know about them is that they are "shadow warriors" that were all killed in the Great War. Only Impa (and Shiek?) survived that, and they're not telling who they are either. The Shiekahs' history has gone unpondered, probably because they are but a minor part in the Legend of Zelda. I think there's a Shiekah woman in Oracle of Ages, but I haven't played it, so I'm still not exactly sure. Another thing about this is that there is hardly any difference between the Shiekah and the Hylians, except for the fact that the Hylians have pointy ears. Come to think of it, all the different races of Hyrule are distinctly humanoid.
So, I am forced to conclude that the Shiekah are an almost extinct race of shadow.... people. Which probably explains why Impa is the Sage of Shadow. That's a thought....... O_o