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Favorite Transforming Mask? - by TeenLink

   I got Majora's Mask a few days after it came out and I spent hours playing it. My parents literally had to time me. Anyways the game is hard and all but one thing got me thinking about it. What is my favorite transforming mask? Is it Deku, Goron, Zora or Fierce Diety. Well if I didn't count the fierce diety mask then I would have a pretty hard time choosing. But I took some time to think about it. My favorite transforming mask(disincluding the fierce diety) would have to be the Zora Mask. The reason for this is because the zora has cool abilities like swimming, fin boomerangs, and even the electrical shield. I'm really interested in electricity so I find this move really an awesome technique.
   But altogether my favorite mask would have to be the Fierce Diety. It is a really awesome(yet hard to get) mask that lets you transform into a cool version of the adult Link with a hugh sword. It was hard for me to get this mask because I had difficulties finding the Couples Mask(it was just difficult to get with all this stuff you had to do) so when I finally got it I was impressed. I like to fight bosses just for fun with this baby. The long sword allows you to shoot beams(but using magic) which is an easy way to defeat bosses. He also looks real cool too. So anyways thats what I have to say.