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OoT vs. All the rest of the games.

Most Fan boys mainly think of The Ocarina of Time when they think of "the greatest game ever". I don't see what's so great about it? I mean sure, its a good game, but I don't think it suits the title of the best. It has a ton of flaws. But what I don't see these days is a lot of people opposing these fan boys. They have the upper hand. They don't see anything wrong with it.

This is not a question of opinion, its a question of ignorance. Why are fan boys so "OMGZ TEH ZELDA IS TEH BEST??? IT"S TEHZ OCARINAZ OF TIMERRRRZ" I truly believe that the reason Nintendo didn't stop making Zelda at that point is, they knew they could do better. These people know better than you, they created the game. They know everything about it. Even though there are tons of people out there that say "I did OoT in 5 minutes, I know everything about the game". No you don't. Do you know the source code, do you know what everything SHOULD have been? Well neither do I! But I can tell you, Nintendo keeps making games because they know they can do better, so no more "OMGZ OOT ROX BECAUSE IT WAS THE FIRST GAME IN 3D".