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Though it only looks like Zelda Cavern has been open for a few months, it is actually a project that has been unfolding for the better part of a decade. On April 13th, 2000. I was at the public library disgusted with my poor attempts at making a Dragon Court Clan Website. I decided that I would build a website on my better interest.....Zelda. At the time I had bearly beaten Link's Awakening. I had no clue what half of the games were about. I just wanted to be cool with my own little zelda site...And I actually thought people went to it :p I changed the layout a bit. I donot have a screenshot of version 1 & 2. But. I do have 3 so :p.

Version 1:
- No Screenshot -

Version 2:
- No Screenshot -

Version 3:
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Now at this time I was finally getting in my groove. I beat Link's Awakening DX and A Link to the Past. A Huge Accomplishment for me. So I decided to Redesign the site. To Version 4!

Version 4:
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This was my final attempt on US Yahoo Geocities, because my Best Friend at the time. Kenneth Maschmeier and me got in an argument. So i said screw it, i went to change the password. Mistyped it, and never got back on my geocities account. So I made a new one on Yahoo Geocities Canada!.

Version 5:
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And actually I never asked anyone to affiliate with me....I just put their name on the site under affiliation. I know thats bad. Who wouldve thought that it would only take me 4 years to affiliate with Zelda Elements lol. Well basically the site was at a huge stand still. I stopped working on it. And sort of let it go. I renamed Zelda Cavern, The Hyrule Warriors. And started an online site about it. And after 1 layout. I left that too. About a year an a half later I stumpled on my old sites, decided to bring it back. I was currently working for a Phantasia Game called Phantasia Kings Palace. And our leader enjoi had disappeared. So i used his server space :p. I ran Zelda Cavern, Glitchworld, and a Little Space for Yattaro on that small 1gig storage area. I had no backups of this layout, so i used the web archives, which had no pictures btw, so you cant really see what it looked like but here it is anyways.

Version 6:
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Me and Phantom Link from Zelda Fusion did a little fusion of my Zelda Cavern and His Zelda Fusion, we kept the name Zelda Cavern with the domains,,, And here is our first layout, Which Volcanux helped us with.

Version 7:
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That layout was not online very long before we switched to a new layout which depicted, 'Hyrule Kingdom' and 'Zelda Fusion' in Hylian.

Version 8:
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This layout had alot of mixed criticism, after two months I decided to get one more layout done which is our current layout.

During which time, I had joined the army and Zelda Cavern fell into a slump with all the staff busy with their own projects.

In 2008 while I was deployed, I took Zelda Cavern offline.

Now in 2013, ZC is utilizing its Version 9 layout from 2006, but with its own coded PHP integration. No wordpress for us. As soon as all the content is done, ZC will be here to stay.